Visiting the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko on a Northern Lights Trip

Situated in the core of Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland, the Aurora Sky Station and its encompassing regions are incredibly famous as a definitive objective for a Northern Lights trip. The ideal chance to visit is during the aurora season, between the long periods of December and March, when the totally dark skies make the ideal scenery for seeing the aurora borealis. 

Why Here? 

The Sky Station is the world's chief objective for a Northern Lights trip on the grounds that Abisko benefits from a particularly lucky geographic area, unrivaled elsewhere on Earth. The overarching wind designs in this little town (found 250 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle) push mists out, leaving the skies reliably clear through the majority of the year. Accordingly, awesome sightings can happen on pretty much the entire Northern Lights trip in the aurora season. Besides, Abisko experiences almost no light contamination since it's settled so far up in the mountains. 

Regarding the Station 

An involvement with the Sky Station in Abisko will leave you pondering where the earth closes and the sky start. The pleasant magnificence of the lights, particularly when taken in the midst of the tranquility of a ritzy evening, is a really lowering encounter. The station has an amazing porch, which makes the consul vantage for sky looking in solace. Inside, you can keep warm by a characteristic log chimney and post for the aurora borealis through enormous glass windows offering all encompassing perspectives on the scene. There is likewise cafĂ©, where you can partake in a glass of wine close by a full feast. For something a bit more intelligent and instructive, you can investigate the little yet instructive aurora show, which clarifies the science behind Earth's most prominent regular wonder. 

Most importantly however, remember to dress properly on your Northern Lights trip. You'll need to ensure you have extra comfortable dress, including uncommon icy warm overalls and boots, to shield you from the Arctic environment, particularly given the way that you might be outside watching the auroras for extended periods. 


From the UK, you would you be able to can travel to Stockholm in 2.5 hours, then, at that point one more 1.45 hours to Kiruna. To arrive at Abisko from Kiruna is another picturesque hour by ground transportation. This is the quickest course to arrive at the sky station and the excursion is no difficulty - with a lot to see en route.

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