Cost per individual: $3,800 for two months (counting the trip to return home)

Features: Torres del Paine • Glacier Gray • Tierra del Fuego • Punta Arenas • King Penguins • Strait of Magellan • Neo Victoria • Volcano Calbuco • Atacama Desert • Valle de la Luna • Salar De Uyuni • Cactus Island • Pink Flamingos • Train Graveyard • La Paz • Cholita Wrestling • Puno • Lake Titicaca • Cusco • Ollantaytambo • Machu Picchu

Cost Examples: $38 admission to Torres del Paine • $50/night for apartment in Torres del Paine • $16 for lunch in Torres del Paine • $35/night for private room in San Pedro de Atacama in • $60 visa expense land crossing Chile to Bolivia • $160 Salar de Uyuni visit • $11 ticket for Cholita wrestling • $15 for a poncho in Cusco • $120 round-trip train ticket to Machu Picchu.

Notes: Everything in Chile was costly, including settlement, nourishment and visits. Bolivia was by a long shot one of the less expensive nations we've been to, yet we needed to pay a charge to enter the country. We paid $60 at the land fringe crossing contrasted with reports of $135 we saw on the web. When we entered Peru, we didn't have to pay for a visa and everything in the nation was sensibly valued except when endeavouring to get to Machu Picchu. The expenses went up when tallying the costly train ticket, convenience and affirmation tickets for Machu Picchu.