Iceland Volcano Erupts 2010

Envision seeing this out your plane window! On my first abroad flight, we went by the ejection of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland. By one way or another, it didn't totally drive me away from voyaging. Photograph by Britnee Nguyen

When we returned home, I was self-determined to have a whole episode of the movement bug. The best way to fix it? Leave my place of employment to travel around the world– a thought that took some persuading before Mark was totally ready. We began setting aside some cash for very nearly two years, considering the objective that we could stop our business to investigate abroad for a whole year. Considering that the average American time off is two weeks out of each year, we determined that we'll fit 26 years worth of excursion time into one year!

We've longed for seeing a higher amount of the world before settling down with a family, house, a pooch, and so forth. We additionally needed to do this while we're as yet youthful and fit to appreciate the experiences. I additionally need to have the capacity to tell my future children and grandchildren of the extraordinary experiences Mark and I had together to move them to investigate as well.

I'm fortunate to have an extraordinary partner who acquainted me with voyaging whether it was enjoying the great outdoors in Southern Utah or experimenting with a sauna in Finland. What's more, who is eager to go on this insane one year experience with me!

On the off chance that by that point my movement bug isn't yet relieved, 365 days may very well transform into 730 days… and you're more than invited to follow along.